Press Release: Sostena and FarmRaise strategically align to help U.S. Family Farmers and Ranchers gain easier access to USDA financial assistance programs!

To learn more about it, simply setup your free Produceplan™ account here: Once you create your account, click on “USDA Programs” under Support Section and follow the FarmRaise Link.

FarmRaise is dedicated to scaling regenerative agriculture through financial access. It provides farmers with end-to-end farm funding software that sits on a database of 1k plus funding programs. FarmRaise:

  • Matches farmers with funding opportunities,
  • Helps farmers apply to those opportunities quickly and efficiently,
  • Keeps farmers updated with customized-to-the-farm alerts so they never miss a funding opportunity.

Farmers can use FarmRaise’s online EQIP application to replace 8 cumbersome government forms with a 15-minute online process.

Sostena is dedicated to scaling regenerative agriculture through our cloud-based, supply-chain technology platform, ProducePlan®. We believe the future of regenerative agriculture is directly tied to the integration of IoT, AI and Autonomous Agriculture.

Currently Sostena is focusing on three pillars of sustainability within the Produceplan™ eco-system:

  1. Agricultural Supply-Chain Planning: Improving supply and demand equilibrium (we must stop overproducing agricultural products to help promote conservation)
  2. a. Remote supply chain management, remote irrigation, eco-system for new remote technologies under one platform.
  3. Water Conservation: Reduce water waste utilizing IoT connected GroundSight Irrigation Technology integrated into the supply chain via Produceplan™.
  4. Carbon Reduction: Promote carbon reduction of the entire cycle from the seed to the table.

By strategically aligning with FarmRaise, Sostena will be able to help its customers, directly through their Produceplan™ accounts, gain better access and availability of financing through various USDA programs.

Create a Produceplan™ account here: