Produceplan™ is on a mission to improve grower/shipper profits, sustainability and supply chain efficiency by helping them make the best production plans possible. The way our company does this is by providing farming communities with better tools, products and data to help them make better decisions from cultivation through delivery.

How We Work

Our products are dedicated to empowering growers and shippers with data and knowledge while also connecting them with the best industry products and service professionals.

Produceplan™ serves the entire supply chain lifecycle of the growing season from planning your planting schedules, acquiring inputs, financing your crop, finding freight and more. Our databases include information on premium products, weather related agronomic data and a variety of other tools and features designed to help Growers get the most out of every acre. Additionally, we put Growers in full control over what information they want to share and when and how they want to share it.

We don’t ask our Growers for confidential information like spray programs or application rates, and we don’t share information with third party suppliers for marketing purposes until we are told to do so.